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Dental Emergencies in Chelsea

Do you have a wisdom tooth growing?  Chipped off a part of your tooth?  Has your child been complaining of a terrible toothache?  Do not put off your dental problems, they will only worsen.  Drop by our emergency dentists’ clinic in Chelsea, NYC and get your issues resolved quickly and professionally.

Chelsea Emergency Dentist

24 Hour Dentist in Chelsea

Being your local Chelsea emergency dentist, you do not need to have had appointments with us from the past.  At our dental clinic in Chelsea we will accept all dental emergencies when you call our NYC dental office even on weekends or evenings.  Our Chelsea dental staff will care for your dental emergencies immediately with same day repair.  Emergency dental care of Chelsea can repair your oral issues, whether it is an unexpected emergency, regular dental project or cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental Emergencies after Hours Chelsea

Our Chelsea emergency dentist is definitely ready to take care of your oral issues any time of day.  At Chelsea we know that dental problems happen during the day and at night which is the reason why our dentist gives urgent treatment needed to bridges, tooth taken out, tooth pain, extraction, dentures, root canal, and teeth cleaning.  Oral urgencies are extremely common and may occur during a variety of activities.  A number of oral injuries may call for urgent treatment, and our Chelsea emergency dental office will give you the immediate care and attention you need.  If you ever suffer from an oral problem, at any day and time contact our after hours NYC, Chelsea dental office.

24 Hour Dental Emergencies
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