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Are you afraid that you might need root canal therapy? If you are concerned about having treatment for your root canal infection performed, there is really no reason to be. A dental procedure from your local Chelsea NYC dentist can work to relieve the pain that is keeping you up at night, while giving you a healthier smile. Still not convinced you need root canal therapy? There are a host of side effects that can occur when a root canal infection remains untreated. For the best care of your smile, you should visit the local experts at Chelsea Dental Arts, who are always happy to answer your questions about root canal infections and treatment to find the path which is right for you.

Root Canal Infection Chelsea

Root Canal Infection Chelsea

Root canal infections are more than just a painful ache, they are a serious medical problem that will only get worse over time. The pain you are feeling is more than just an injury that needs to heal, but is in fact a host of bacteria residing deep within the nerves and pulp of your tooth, bringing about a nasty infection, of which your severe tooth ache is only one of many side effects of. These infections breed tooth decay, which in small cases can cause unsightly bad breath, but as they continue over time the symptoms can include gum, tooth, and even bone loss. A root canal infection can also cause swelling of the mouth, jaw, neck, and even further reaches of your head as the infection spreads. Root canal infections in some cases have even spread to other parts of the body. Swift root canal treatment from your local Chelsea NYC dentist can prevent these problems and heal the damage.

Of course, the number one reason most patients seek root canal therapy is to simply relieve the pain of their root canal infection, and proper treatment from your professional Chelsea NYC dentist can do exactly that. Just because you are in pain now does not mean your root canal infection will make this any worse, or cause you more pain during or after procedure. At our offices of the Chelsea Dental Arts, we utilize the latest technology and local anesthetics to make your treatment as comfortable as it is effective.

By choosing root canal therapy, you as a patient make the choice to save your tooth from decay, rather than having it removed all together. Your trusted Chelsea NYC dentist will always advice you to save, rather than remove your tooth, to avoid problems from surrounding teeth, as well as the need for false teeth to keep your mouth healthy and free of complications. At the Chelsea Dental Arts our fully licensed and professionally trained team of doctors can give you relief from your pain and restore you smile to a picture of perfect health with root canal therapy.

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