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Your child’s first dental visit to Chelsea Dental Arts in New York City should be scheduled around their first birthday. During this visit it is crucial for everyone, including parents, to become comfortable with the dentist and their staff. A comfortable and pleasant first visit not only builds trust, but helps to put the child at ease during subsequent dental cleanings and visits.¬†Our Chelsea pediatric dentists are dedicated to establishing a good foundation for oral health in our young patients, starting from infancy throughout their teenage years. All children, from the very young to teenagers, possess different dental needs, which is why we tailor our approaches in dealing with their behavior, guiding their dental development, and planing ahead to avoid future dental problems.¬†Visit Chelsea Dental Arts, a family-oriented dental clinic in Chelsea, New York and rest assured that your children’s teeth are in good hands with our talented pediatric dentists, Drs. Galperin, Julian, and Pristera.

Making a family dentist office, like Chelsea Dental Arts, your primary dental care specialists is a good way to ensure that every member of your family, yourselves included parents, receive quality dental care. When you, your young children, and your teenagers can receive their dental cleanings and specialty dental services all in one convenient location, you’re making life easier for yourself. At Chelsea Dental Arts, we are equip to handle all your family’s dental needs.

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